Benefits to Member Organisations

Police CyberAlarm benefits both member organisations and UK Policing. For benefits to police please see the section below.

Members who choose to join the Police CyberAlarm scheme share logs from their gateway security devices which contain details of requests that they receive from the Internet from which data relating to suspicious activity can be identified and extracted. In addition to logs of suspicious activity, member organisations may choose to have their website URLs and external IP addresses scanned for vulnerabilities. In exchange for securely sharing these data with Policing, the member will receive multiple benefits.

Regular Reporting

All members will receive regular reports that contain analysis of their own data, including advice on how to address suspicious cyber activity being reported by their security devices.

Vulnerability Analysis

Members who choose to have their cyber assets digitally scanned for vulnerabilities will receive a full breakdown of any issues found.

Threat Intelligence

As the scheme continues to grow, all members will receive reports reporting regional and national threats and trends identified by Police CyberAlarm.

Helping Police

All members contributing data to the scheme are doing so knowing that they are helping UK Police to build a better picture of cyber threats and will receive a digital member badge.

Benefits to UK Police

Police CyberAlarm is able to benefit both member organisations (please see above) and UK Police.

UK Police are very well aware of the scale and rapid growth of cyber crime and are very keen to directly assist businesses, charities, councils, schools, hospitals and any other local organisation that wants help. Policing is uniquely positioned and already prepared to help these organisations through the Police Protect and Prevent network which currently helps provide advice and guidance on cyber issues.

Police CyberAlarm is a fantastic tool for the Protect and Prevent network to be able to provide relevant and targeted advice at a local, regional and national level. It enables officers to base their advice on near-real-time data from hundreds of organisations in their area.

In addition to advice to help prevent cyber attacks, Police CyberAlarm is a very useful tool for Police Pursue officers as they track down and prosecute cyber criminals. The data collected by Police CyberAlarm are forensically stored, allowing them to be used to identify and prosecute criminals.

Last but not least, UK Police benefit from the knowledge and trend data that can be gleaned from all of the data contributed by members. By leveraging powerful analytics algorithms, Police can build a picture of the latest cyber threats that the public face in near-real-time and can use that picture to inform the UK’s response.

Intelligence Feed

Data from the Police CyberAlarm system is used to provide feeds detailing the latest threats discovered across the member network, giving all members the ability to update configurations and other security measures.

Evidence Gathering

Due to the way Police CyberAlarm collects and stores data received from a Member, it is able to be used in any potential criminal proceeding as evidence.

Staying Ahead of the Criminals

By using the data provided by Police CyberAlarm members, Police are able to stay up to date with both the latest threats and potentially emerging threat actors.

Active Intelligence

Police CyberAlarm also allows Police to supplement the suspicious activity data gathered by Police CyberAlarm with Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), giving them a near real time understanding of the cyber threat.