About Police CyberAlarm

Police CyberAlarm is an award-winning free tool, provided by your local police force and funded by the Home Office, to help your business or organisation monitor and report the suspicious cyber activity it faces.

Since Police CyberAlarm launched it has identified over a billion suspicious events resulting in reports and advice being given to members, enabling them to take action to prevent a successful attack.

Police CyberAlarm will detect and provide regular reports of suspicious cyber activity and vulnerabilities enabling your business or organisation to identify and mitigate its cyber risks.

Key Benefits

Regular activity reporting

Police CyberAlarm members receive reports that detail any detected suspicious activity. You can use these reports to investigate this activity and take action to better protect your business.

Identify your business vulnerabilities

Scan your business website and external IP addresses for known vulnerabilities. These regular reports can help you protect your business from known suspicious activity.

Business information and intelligence

Data is used to provide details on the latest threats discovered, giving your business the ability to update security measures.

Help police to help you

Data is also used by the police to identify current threats, take enforcement action against the cyber criminals, and help your business prepare and better protect itself.

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