Streamlining the Police CyberAlarm communication process

The Background
Towards the end of 2022, suspicious cyber activity was being detected by the Police CyberAlarm system, with the number of instances steadily increasing and originating from similar source IP addresses.
The Challenge
The Police CyberAlarm (PCA) team and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau teamed up to create a highly effective process for alerting all forces nationally of PCA member cyber vulnerabilities.
Any suspicious activity affecting a PCA member organisation is detected within the Police CyberAlarm system. This data is then passed on to the appropriate Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) and local police force. Where appropriate the local Cyber Protect team will notify the targeted member.
The Outcome
This has proven to be extremely effective in alerting PCA members of cyber risks. Informing them of potential malicious activity and emerging threats across the UK.
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