Police CyberAlarm identifies emerging threats (January 2023 – ongoing)

The Background
Towards the end of 2022, suspicious cyber activity was being detected by the Police CyberAlarm system, with the number of instances steadily increasing and originating from similar source IP addresses.
The Challenge
The source IP addresses involved in this case were being flagged from across the country and targeting members in the majority of police force areas. Through the monitoring capabilities of Police CyberAlarm, the team could see the suspicious traffic growing and was able to identify a new and emerging threat across the UK.
The team could further validate what was seen by checking against a database of known suspicious IP addresses. (Abuse IPBD - a project dedicated to helping combat the spread of hackers, spammers, and abusive activity on the internet.)
The Outcome
The Police CyberAlarm system allows UK police to gain an enriched picture of the suspicious activity the country faces, whilst helping member organisations to bolster their cyber defences.
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