What our members say:

We are proud to support organisations of all sizes from all corners of the country to tackle the threat posed by cybercrime.
Don’t just take it from us, hear from some of our current members on how Police CyberAlarm has helped improve their cyber security.

Ken Mosley

Canny Clever IT Services

The information provided by Police CyberAlarm helped us understand the mechanics of this attack, which then led to us discussing the issue with the software developer responsible for the firewall software. The vulnerability that was discovered has now been fully patched by the developer, with the patch being made available to their other customers. Police CyberAlarm is making a real-world difference in helping business understand and mitigate real-world cyber threats.

Sharon Penfold

IT and digital transformation professional

Until an organisation becomes the victim of a significant cyber-attack they just don’t realise how costly the clean up can be in term of the time it takes, the drain on resources, learning the lessons and then having to pay to improve their cyber resilience. It can amount to a huge bill! What PoliceCyberAlarm does is prove the need for further investment to minimise the risk of successful attack. It shows value for money in helping an organisation head off potential attacks through strategic investment and in making tactical changes in reaction to the regular reporting you get from PoliceCyberAlarm. It is a powerful communications tool to inform at a technical level and influence at a strategic level.

Nicola Petts

Group IT, IG, Vendor Manager at Christchurch Group

The report we receive from the Police CyberAlarm has been invaluable, not only are we able to block IP’s attempting malicious attacks, it also helps inform our Board of Directors of the scale of the problem in a non-technical way. This ensures that resources within the business can be directed proportionately and appropriately.

Gordon Perkins

LGSS at Northamptonshire County Council

Police CyberAlarm was implemented with ease and provides essential proactive intelligence of external cyber security threats. With the regular reporting received from Police CyberAlarm, we are now equipped to secure against any new vulnerabilities as they are detected.